Iceland’s Independence Day

Updated: 4 days ago

Gleðilega þjóðhátið kæru vinir! (Happy National Independence Day dear friends!)

Today - 17. júní - 17th of June - we celebrate Iceland's Independence Day.

Iceland’s independence was obtained by the hard work of many but is attributed mostly to the tireless work of a man named Jón Sigurðsson. He was born in 17 Jun 1811 and he began a great national awakening in Iceland. Jón Sigurðsson, became a national hero for his work on fighting for independence.

By a referendum held on 23 May 1944 a new constitution was adopted and Iceland became fully independent 70 years ago today on 17 June 1944 - the birthday of Jón Sigurðsson.

Happy National Day, Iceland! Gleðilega þjóðhátið!

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