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Honoring Achievements

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

As the USA Representative for the Icelandic National League in Iceland / Þjóðræknisfélag Íslendinga (INL-Iceland), I am happy to announce that two 'Western Icelanders' have been honored as Lifetime Honorary Members to the INL-Iceland.

Gail Einarson-McCleery and Eric Stefanson were bestowed this honor for their dedication over the past years between Iceland and North America. The official notification from INL-Iceland President, Halldór Árnason, is written below.

The board of the Þjóðræknisfélag Íslendinga (INL-Iceland) has confirmed Gail Einarson-McCleery and Eric Stefanson as honorary members of the INL-Iceland.

The nomination of Gail is for her work in increasing the relationship between INL of NA and INL-Iceland over the years; for her initiative in establishing the International Visit Program and for her enthusiasm to promote the Snorri Program and restore the Snorri West Program.

The nomination of Eric is for his work in the INL-Iceland over the years; especially for his initiative in establishing the Snorri Program and the Snorri West program, which has connected younger generations in North America and Iceland with the Icelandic heritage across the sea.

As an Honorary Member, Gail and Eric have a seat on the Honorary Advisory Council of the INL-Iceland, the role of which is to support work strengthening the bonds between Icelanders and Western Icelanders; and to ensure the finances of the ÞFÍ.

Sunday 5th October INL organized a ceremony where the certificate was delivered to Gail, she, as an Honorary Consul of Iceland in Toronto, attended then a consular conference in Reykjavik, hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iceland.

Others Honorary Members of the INL-Iceland are: Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, President of Iceland, Magnus Olafson in Mountain, David Gislason in Arborg, Atli Ásmundsson and Almar Grímsson both of Iceland.

Photo by Kent Lárus Björnsson

Congratulations, Gail and Eric!

Photo by Kent Lárus Björnsson

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