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Icelandic National League of North America

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Membership in the INLofNA (Icelandic National League) has so many benefits! Do you know all the fun we are having? Have you checked out the many programs? This organization and the INL in Iceland are both doing great things keeping the connections strong, preserving the culture, and sharing the history of Iceland and her people.

One project we work on is to send a donation to the ICELAND MOTHER'S FUND CHRISTMAS CHARITY. This will be our sixth year with this special fund drive for Christmas. 100% of the money raised by the INLofNA is given to this particular charity in Iceland. Anyone can participate in this fund drive. The charity supports families throughout the year with food and clothing and gives special help to those who need it over the Christmas holidays.

Donate ONLINE or send donations by December 1:

INL of NA - Mother's Christmas Fund #103—94 1st Ave Gimli,MB R0C 1B1

We also have ONLINE Crowdfunding for our most popular programs. There are rewards, too, depending on the size of your donation. You can choose to support the program you like: Snorri West, International Visits, INL Reads, INL Movies, or the General Fund. Click on the link to view the rewards and please help support your Icelandic heritage and make a donation.

Conventions are great places to meet old and new friends, visit Icelandic areas, attend presentations and special events, and more. Here are upcoming dates and locations:

2016 in Vancouver, British Columbia. April 27 - 30 at the River Rock Casino.

2017 in Grand Forks, North Dakota. May 4 - 7 at the CanadInn.

2018 in Edmonton, Alberta

2019 in Winnipeg, Manitoba

The International Visits Program is happy to announce upcoming visitors to North America. Contact your local club for more information.

SNORRI WEST 2016 will visit Minnesota, North Dakota and Manitoba July 7 - August 5

Are you a photographer or know someone who is? We are accepting photos for the INLofNA 2017 CALENDAR. The deadline for pictures is in just a few weeks: October 15. The emphasis is on all of our local areas, activities, monuments, attractions. Email Gwen for details

Do you know someone who should be honored with our special Biography Project? Please submit the information.

We have the INL Reads project and this year we have a wonderful book by Nancy Marie Brown.

Do you have your copy of the Vesturfarar DVDs? What a great gift for your family this Christmas. Order here. This Documentary won the Edda in Iceland and is a very high honor to the team who put it together.

There is the Donald K Johnson Icelandic Film Series and the new movie will be shown in locations across North America soon. Contact your local club for more information on your showing date.

Also .... we have another brand new program in the works!

Starting next year, we will initiate an INL (both in Iceland and in North America), PERKS PROGRAM. This will be a special program for our members to receive discounts and other perks from shops, travel agents, etc. in Iceland and North America …another benefit of membership! More information will be available early next year. If you are a business and want to offer a membership reward to potential customers from the INL, please contact us.

So, you can see, there are so many good perks to being a member of the INLofNA. This is a great organization of motivated and dedicated individuals from all over North America who are interested in preserving and promoting our shared Icelandic heritage. Come and join the fun!

To be a member just do one of these:

  1. Join your local Icelandic club which is a Member Club of the INLofNA

  2. Join the Icelandic Online Club - a Member Club of the INLofNA

  3. Join as an Individual Member

  4. If your local Icelandic association/club/group is NOT a member of the INLofNA, bring it up with your members and become the newest group to join this fabulous organization.

Don't forget to make a donation - any amount is greatly appreciated and check out the thank you gifts! If you have any questions, let me know.

Email us your questions or join the conversation on our Facebook Group.

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