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First Day of Winter (Fyrsti vetrardagur)

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Hello dear friends,

Today is the first day of winter in Iceland. There are 26 weeks of winter and 26 weeks of summer. In old Icelandic, this month is called Gormánuður and is known as slaughter month (slátrunarmánuð) because of the work being done by the farmers at this time of year.

The first day of winter always falls on Saturday between October 21-27. In the days of old, Icelanders celebrated with religious services, feasts, and were joyful when the meat supply was at a high point. Without refrigeration and the difficulties in preserving and storing meat, it was important they enjoyed as much of the fresh meat as possible.

Our first day of winter in North America will be Monday, the 21st of December when fall is officially over. Have a great rest of your weekend and hopefully this winter will be mild and good to us all.

Iceland Snow on the Mountain

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