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An Icelandic Adventure of a Lifetime

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Apply today for the adventure of a lifetime with the Snorri Program.

Ages 18-28 - Snorri Program for 6 weeks - North Americans of Icelandic heritage to Iceland Ages 18-28 - Snorri West for 4 weeks - Icelanders to North America Older adults - Snorri Plus for 2 weeks - Anyone interested in Icelandic heritage to Iceland


Icelandic Roots supports Snorri West by helping connect the Icelanders to their North American cousins. Contact US to make sure you are part of this very fun 'Cousins Across the Ocean' project. No membership required - we need your name in the Icelandic Ancestry database.

Here is a video from an Icelandic Roots Scholarship recipient for the 2015 Snorri Program: