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Man (No Longer) Searching

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Back in March, a man contacted me and asked if this blog could help find his Icelandic Birth Mother. I told him that miracles happen all the time. Connections are made within the Icelandic community that are amazing. Well, I have a very happy update! Below is a new comment from ''The Man Searching.'' Wonderful news!

Further to my (see this link to see the original request and update) , I can confirm that I have connected with my Maternal / Icelandic birth family. Everything that matched has turned out to be wonderfully accurate! I even have DNA confirmation of a very close match to a birth cousin. I wish to keep myself and my new-found members anonymous just out of respect for everyone involved but I’m also happy to provide some general news.

My birth mother passed away a few years ago but numerous cousins have corresponded and shared amazing stories and photos. I’ve even met one cousin already and I look forward to meeting more. I’ve also chatted with my half-sister and look forward to meeting her (and her grown children) when possible.

All of this has been very positive and tremendously fulfilling in just over 1 week!

As a complete surprise, I was able to get information that my Birth Father is alive at age 81 and living in Winnipeg. We’ve been able to visit with him and the entire story behind meeting him is unbelievable. He also never imagined it would happen after so many years and at his advanced age.

Everyone has been most welcoming and shares my excitement. I look forward to getting to know these wonderful people! Thanks to everyone who has supported and helped in my journey!

I am also thankful for the understanding of my family – adoptive, yes - but certainly very “real” in every sense. The family that raises you is always your “real” one. My parents, sister and extended relatives are unconditionally supportive. I was provided with a terrific upbringing and a wonderful life. Everything that happens is for a reason and I am blessed in so many ways! This all enhances the understanding of who I am and it’s awesome.

This Blog certainly helped to perform a miracle in many ways. Thanks!

Cheers, Man (No Longer) Searching

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