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Nordic Archives Day

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Archive Day

Archives all around the Nordic countries will be celebrating National Archives Day once again on the second Saturday in November - 08 Nov 2014. Archives Day has been an annual event since it began in Sweden in 1998 and other Nordic countries joined in shortly afterwards.

Archives on all levels: National, City, Local, etc all take part in the special day that helps to strengthen the cooperation between the various types.

The National Archives in Iceland will be holding an Open House. They will be opening up a new website for the Nordic Archive Day the day before and adding interesting documents. They will be sharing some interesting documents with Icelandic Roots. We will be adding this document and others to the Icelandic Roots Genealogy Database website, also.

The document is a printed statistics from 1892 in Canada. It lists most of the farmers of Icelandic origin in Canada (636 farmers). Where they lived in Iceland, how many are in each household, how they lived, and so on. The statistics were done by Baldwin L.Baldwinsson a former owner of Heimskringla and later a Deputy Provincial Secretary of Manitoba who visited every household. He worked for the Canadian government at the time.Here is a screen shot of one page - more to come later.


A new website for the Nordic Archive Day will open Friday 7th from Þjóðminjasafn Íslands where the Icelandic regional archives and the National archive put forward about 20 samples of material in the archives connected to the emigration to Canada, US and Brazil.

At 14:30 Svavar Gestsson and Katelin Parsons will present the project in the footsteps of Árni Magnússon in North America, which is a collaboration between the Þjóðræknisfelág Íslendinga (Icelandic National League) and the Árni Magnússon Institute.


Icelandic Roots continues to work in cooperation with the National Archives, the ÞFÍ, INL, and all the other Emigration, Historical, and Genealogical organizations and individuals in Iceland to help connect you to your Icelandic Roots, find your ancestral farms, learn about your living relatives, and much more.

On our website, we are working hard to add documents, photos, histories, and much more. We are growing larger and better each day.

The statistics from the database today:

People: 537,440 Photos: 726 Cemeteries: 367 Documents: 119 Headstones: 154 Histories: 23

See reports on: Famous Ancestors, Those Who Drowned, Maps, obituaries, and much more.

We will continue to add to the database and help you find your story.

Email us your questions or join the conversation on our Facebook Group.

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