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The Saga of the Vopnfirthings

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

A man named Helgi lived at Hof in Vopnafirth......

It is said that one day at Hof when the cattle were at the shed, there was a young bull belonging to the kinsmen there, and another bull came to the shed, and the two bulls fought together. Now the lad Helgi was outside, and he saw that their bull had the worse of it and gave way. Whereupon he took a spike and bound it to the forehead of the bull, after which their bull fared better. From this incident he was nicknamed Brodd-Helgi, or Spike-Helgi, and was in is deeds the paragon of all men born or bred in the district."

Excerpt from Tales from the Eastfirths - Iceland Review Saga Series published in 1981.

This is a great book written in English chronicling the lives of our common ancestors. We have so much fun learning about the people from the Sagas and love to find out how we are related to them.

Below is the church at Hof today.

Hof í Vopnafjörður

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