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Gold on Ice - Canada's Falcon Hockey

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Forthcoming Feature Film, “Gold on Ice” Honors the Icelandic-Canadian Hockey Players Who Took Home the First Olympic Gold in Ice Hockey

Much like the Icelandic footballers (soccer team) being compared by some as the World Cup’s Cinderella Story of 2018, the film project, “Gold on Ice,” is about the Icelandic-Canadian ice hockey players and their Cinderella story, prevailing as the underdog to win the gold at the 1920 Olympics. The screenplay “Gold on Ice” was written by Hilmar Ragnarsson & Karen Eusebio, co-founders of the newly formed production company Ice Gorilla Production.

Ragnarsson summarized his forthcoming film by stating, “Gold on Ice is based on the true but little-known story of the Winnipeg Falcons who were barred from joining Canadian hockey leagues because they were children of Icelandic immigrants. Yet, their invincible spirit, uncompromising resolve, strong bonds of friendship and love of hockey carried them past the pains of ethnic prejudice and World War I to the 1920 Summer Olympics, where ice hockey was on the world stage for the first time.”

Karen Eusebio continued, “Although based on a true story, we took creative license particularly with the only fictitious character, Disa, who embodies the immigrant experience and what I’ve come to know as the unstoppable Viking spirit of Icelanders.” Eusebio continued, “the themes inherent almost one hundred years ago are very relevant today; such as, overcoming discrimination, the importance of the power of love and the rewards which come about when one never gives up to achieve a dream. It’s very much the kind of story that I could see Disney making, truly uplifting, and a film that the entire family can watch.”

Ragnarsson stated, “We are pleased to have renowned director, known for directing iconic television shows such as “Dallas” and “MacGyver”, a true veteran in the entertainment industry, Michael Preece, as one of the Executive Producers on our forthcoming feature, “Gold on Ice”. Michael Preece recently stated in an interview, “I became interested in this film project in an instant. It is a story about immigrants who had to fight to play a game they loved and spoiler alert, they won it all. I met Karen and Hilmar and immediately became drawn to their passion and enthusiasm. I read the screenplay and after doing so, I realized quickly that it could become a great movie.” Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky as well as Mark Chipman, Chairman of True North Sports and Entertainment, and co-owner of the Winnipeg Jets of the National Hockey League, have both expressed initial interest in terms of potential involvement with the film upon further development,” according to Hilmar Ragnarsson, co-founder of Ice Gorilla Production.

When asked about the forthcoming cast, Ragnarsson and Eusebio stated that “they are in talks” with talent. Ragnarsson states, “Choosing the right actors for a project is much like an artist picking his or her colors, with the right combination of people and their respective talent, one can create a masterpiece.” Michael Preece added, “This project needs a sensitive director, ice hockey is the background of course but it’s more about, grit, resilience and relationships. It is important to choose a director who sees it from the audience’s point of view.” The film “Gold on Ice” is slated for production in late 2018, with a theatrical release in line with the one-hundred-year anniversary of the first Olympic Gold in ice hockey.

News release written by Lisa Pellegrene

The Iceland Soccer Team (fótbolt) plays today in their final match in Group D. Our IR Members have had so much fun seeing how they are related to each of 'Our Boys.' Áfram Ísland!!!

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