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Reflections of a century

“Reflections of a Century: Icelanders 1918-2018. Portraits of a Nation“ is a new book that has been published in Iceland in Icelandic and English. The author, the journalist Svava Jónsdóttir, had the idea in connection to the centenary of Icelandic independence and sovereignty last year. In the book there are photos of Icelanders born 1918-2018 - one for each year. Each of them - except the youngest children - answer one question: What does Iceland mean to you? In the book there are also landscape photos taken in Iceland. Apart of Iceland, the book will be sold in a bookstore in Berlin, Germany, and probably in a bookstore in Gimli, Canada, as well. Svava says that it would be great if an American/Canadian publisher would like to publish the book solely in English for the American/Canadian market.

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