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Icelandic Cousins Across the Ocean

Pride in their heritage and the significance of family history followed the Icelanders that moved to North America. Through today, Icelandic people continue to move around the globe. IR offers many FREE services, resources, and programs. Included in the free services is the "Cousins Across the Ocean" project. Fill in the form starting with yourself. Add your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. If you or your family emigrated from Iceland, please let us know the emigration year - though the Emigration Team has almost finished connecting all those from 1855-1914.

We have a variety of projects, programs, scholarships, grants, translations, and more. Members can enjoy Samtal Hour, which is an online community get-together focused on a variety of topics. The hour starts with a 10-minute presentation by a guest speaker and then the attendees discuss the topic and it is very fun. Other public offerings include Social Media, YouTube videos, stories, volumes of free information on our website, a podcast, this blog, and more.

The database is much more than names and dates. See this 3-minute video overview of our current database menu. New and improved changes are coming soon, though!

The Cousins Across the Ocean project has grown and changed since the very beginning but our mission remains the same - to keep the connections strong between people born in Iceland and those of Icelandic descent all across our world. Stay connected and fill in the FREE form for your family!


Email us your questions or join the conversation on our Facebook Group.

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