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Icelandic Roots Brings Volunteer Team to Winnipeg

Nonprofit charitable organization Icelandic Roots (IR) was well represented at the 100th annual Icelandic National League of North America Convention in Winnipeg last month, with 18 volunteers from across Canada, the US, and Iceland in attendance. On Friday, nine of those volunteers joined together to give a short presentation, with each person focusing on their area of expertise. After founder and president Sunna Furstenau introduced the organization, volunteer genealogists Cathy Josephson of Vopnafjörður and Doreen “Kristy” Marston of Tennessee talked about their work. Along with many others on the team, they focus primarily on IR’s genealogy database, a treasure trove of emigration information, photos, documents, and more pertaining to almost 700,000 emigrants and people of Icelandic descent.