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Icelandic Roots Snorri Scholarships

By Doug Hanson

A big part of the Icelandic Roots mission is to give back to the Icelandic Community through grants and scholarships. Each year we identify worthwhile projects and organizations in Canada, Iceland, and the United States who help preserve our history and heritage.

Education is vital to this mission and we seek out opportunities to enhance cultural awareness. One such opportunity is created through Snorri cultural exchange programs run by the Snorri Foundation in Reykjavik.

Each year, except when precluded by global pandemics, young adults from Canada and the United States are able to visit Iceland, meet cousins and immerse themselves in Icelandic life for several weeks. Icelandic Roots proudly supports this program through scholarships for participants and with education and genealogy support for the Snorri Foundation.

This year we will fund USD $14,000 in Snorri scholarships for participants and a USD $1000 educational grant to the Snorri Foundation. We will also provide significant genealogy resources for all Snorri program participants.

All our grants and scholarships are made possible by the memberships and donations we receive each year from our members and friends. Thank you for your continued support and friendship.


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