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Name-This-Newsletter Contest is Coming Down to the Wire

The submission phase for giving the Icelandic Roots public newsletter a proper name is drawing to a close. If you have been pondering a number of possibilities, in English or Icelandic, now is the time to gather up all those ideas and submit them. If you offer a brief explanation for your nominees, that will also work in your favor.

The deadline for submission is January 31, 2022. Send an email.

There is no limit to the number of submissions you can enter, but the entry window is rapidly closing. And speaking of entries, we have received numerous ideas to date and the panel of judges will definitely have some challenges ahead in making a final selection.

We are building the Award Winner Package. Besides the bragging rights that come with being chosen, the prize promises to be unique and memorable.

After much deliberation on how to select a panel representative of the Icelandic Roots membership, the decision was reached. The panel of judges will be drawn from the entire Icelandic Roots membership base. Every current member of Icelandic Roots will have an opportunity to weigh in during the selection process. Members will receive an email link to vote for their favorite nominees in each grouping of selections. Votes will be tabulated and nominees with the largest vote totals will be placed in the next run-off round. This process will continue until members have selected the top five nominees. The final round will be voting on the number one choice of the final five.

With that last vote, this newsletter-with-no-name can finally be properly introduced. Thanks for your creativity and your membership!

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