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Travel to The Deuce and Íslendingadagurinn

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Each year, dignitaries, visitors, and volunteers from across Canada, Iceland, and the United States come together to celebrate two significant Icelandic Heritage events - The Deuce and Íslendingadagurinn. See some photos of our volunteers during the long festival weekend.

Thursday, July 28th - The start of a wonderful journey

L-R: At Óðinssæti, in NE North Dakota. Pála Hallgrímsdóttir - Snorri West Director, Sigfús Haukur and Erla Guðný - Snorri West participants, Kent Lárus - IR Volunteer and Snorri West guide, hosts - Sunna and Jeff Furstenau, Sæmundur Þór and his mother Hjördís Hilmarsdóttir from Egilsstaðir, Cathy Josephson from Vopnafjörður, Hrannar Björn Arnarsson - Chair of the Norden Association in Iceland, Snorri Program joint project with INL Iceland

Together at One Majestic Place

L-R: Pála, Jody and Staci Jenson, Sigfús Haukur, Hrannar Björn, Sunna, Hjördís, Kent Lárus, Erla Guðný, Cathy, and Sierra Jenson - 2022 Snorri Program. Jody and Staci hosted Kent, Erla, and Sigfús at their beautiful farm west of Gardar.

Overlooking the Pembina Hills ravine and the Park River

Pála and Hrannar Björn were overnight guests at Óðinssæti, Thursday-Saturday. Sæmunudur, Hjördís, and Cathy were overnight guests at Óðinssæti, Thursday-Sunday.