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Personalized Travel to North-East Iceland for Western Icelanders

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Written by Hjördís Björk Hjartardóttir - Western Travelers Project

Greetings, dear Western Icelanders,

We wish to know more about your interest in specially-planned travel to Vopnafjörður, Þistilfjörður, and nearby areas. Great numbers of Icelanders left from this area for „Vesturheim“ and every year Western Icelanders from North America come to see where their roots lie. This has encouraged us to offer a travel service that will serve the needs and interests of this group.

Our idea is this: A personal journey planned for a small group or your family would better fulfill the need and desire to visit and explore our Northeast Iceland. We have explored the possibilities for visitor services in this area and are planning specially-focused travels. Northeast Iceland offers a variety of travel possibilities connected to culture, history, nature and wildlife. Visitors will be able to experience both today‘s culture and the culture of their forefathers.

Our guests will have the possibility to follow the paths of their forefathers, visit museums which preserve artifacts and share knowledge from those times and even meet relatives. In Vopnafjörður, Þistilfjörður and nearby areas is a magnificent and varied nature that amazes all who visit. Mountains, cliffs, waterfalls both large and small, black beaches, rivers, volcanoes and natural baths are many and widespread in Northeast Iceland. The wildlife of this area is also worth seeing. Whales and reindeer are examples of wild animals found in our area and it is also possible to watch the collection of eider ducks. Vopnafjörður and nearby areas are wonderful destinations for bird watchers as many bird species are in this area. The area is also an excellent choice for those who enjoy fly fishing. There are many rivers in the area and fishing licenses are available. Wherever your interest lies, there is something for you in Northeast Iceland. Other popular „Nature Pearls“ of Iceland, such as Mývatn, Dettifoss, Ásbyrgi and many more are not far away.

We wish to create a special and memorable visit for our Western Icelandic relatives, and this is why we are writing to you to hear if you have an interest in this sort of journey and also what you would most wish to explore and experience.

If you are a Western Icelander and hope to visit the North-East of Iceland, please help us create this unique travel experience by taking a few minutes to fill out this survey: click here

***Icelandic Roots is not a travel agency. However, the members of Icelandic Roots will have an advantage if they sign on to this experience through North-East Iceland. Because of the work Icelandic Roots has done over the years to connect "Cousins Across the Ocean," most of the information is already in the database. If you are not a member of Icelandic Roots, come and join as a member and receive all the opportunities, information, seminars, education, as well as the vast features of the database.***

For any questions about the project or the survey, please contact The address is


Email us your questions or join the conversation on our Facebook Group.

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