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    1. WOW! You did it! It is looking great, congratulations and thank you for this marvelous new resource.


  1. Sunna.
    Þér er ekki fisjað saman ! (translation exercise !).
    Þetta er afrek.
    Til hamingju.

    P.S. Hope to see you on 7 December.

  2. What a great site. Useful for a variety of facts, and information. Thank you. Capabilities for English speakers – like me! Þakka Þér fyrir. Bless Bless

  3. Hi Pam – It is great to see this site up and running. However, your “Shop” screen still needs some work so that out-of-country people can register and pay for access. When I select “Canada” on the drop-down list for Country, the list of Canadian provinces should be displayed in the drop-down list labelled “State”. Since the “State” field is a marked as a mandatory selection, Canadians cannot register properly, and that is where the registration/payment process grinds to a halt. This should be an easy fix, or you could change the “State” field attribute from mandatory to optional. Yet another design suggestion is to rename the “State” field to “State/Province”, and append the names of the Canadian provinces to your existing list.

    My wife (she is of Icelandic descent) and I were at Mountain for the “Deuce of August” celebration last summer, and we really enjoyed your wonderful slide presentation of tour of Iceland.


    1. Hi Blair and thank you so very much for your comment.
      When you are on the site and trying to pay, can you choose “International Shipping?” Does that make a difference and allow you to register? Also, I have it set up so that people do not have to register here on this site. They can just go to PayPal to do their business of signing up.

      Please check again and let me know if there is an issues. Others from Canada have become members of the database, so I know that it must have worked okay for them. I hope that by choosing International or by not registering on this site, you can have good luck getting it to work.

    2. Blair, I was in touch with your wife, Val, recently. I hope to be in touch with her again soon. I shared some photos with her. I am anxious for both of you to see all of the updates that Pam “Sunna” has made to the database. You will be pleased. Sue Hermann Atwood

  4. Today, I went to the beach with my children. I found a sea shell
    and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She placed
    the shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear.
    She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is completely off topic but
    I had to tell someone!

  5. Hehe this did give me a little giggle. But I will reply with another story, that might chill you to the bone.

    I recall a story a number of years ago now, when on holiday in my country of Australia, a Swedish lady was walking on one of our beaches when she also found a shell. The story told she loved the shell so much she and her friend admiring the shell held it to her chest, apparently thinking she would have a necklace made of it.

    Here is where you might feel that chill I spoke of. for inside that beautiful shell lived a creature. The lady never returned to Sweden, and breathed her last on that beach…

    True story

  6. Sæl Sunna, hello Sunna.

    I found this page on facebook and decided to join since I have relatives in the USA. I’ve already registered for one month and payed. What do I do next? I want to look up my relatives. All my best, Lukka

    Sæl Sunna,

    Ég fann þessa síðu á Facebook og ákvað að gerast meðlimur þar sem ég á ættingja í Bandaríkjunum og langar að fræðast meira um td.þá. Ég hef þegar gerst meðlimur og greitt fyrir einn mánuð. Hvað geri ég næst? Kær kveðja, Lukka

    Ps. Flott síða og framtak!

  7. Dear Sir or Madam

    I launched an online dictionary with a partner called a year ago after about one year of hard work. Our goal is to help prevent endangered languages from extinction. We make it easy for anyone to browse/translate into these languages and rely on user contribution.

    We now have more than 250 different dictionary combinations and our website is localized into 23 different languages for better access. Users can search the online dictionaries and add new words and translations.

    I am sure that is a great resource for your visitors and it would be great if you would link to us.

    Herby are our details in case you decide to link to us:

    Linktext: English – Icelandic Dictionary

    Thanks a lot!



  8. sæl Sunna have you talk or write to mr Nelson Gerard he found some lost women fore me ,she went from Island 18hundred someth. sorry iam just trying. Sonja.

  9. Sunna: I am trying to get into the Data Base and it just keeps coming up error, server cannot be found. What am I doing wrong?

  10. Hello Sunna,

    I am interested in finding out how you are connected to the Scheving family.

    From what I have seen online, I believe that you are a descendant of Einar Stefansson Scheving, farmer at Ytri-Loni in Langarnesi, and his 2nd Wife: Olof Jonsdottir

    Is he your direct forefather?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Hopefully your cousin,

    Ralph Scheving
    Bremerton, WA

    PS: I am descended from Einar’s half-brother Arni Stefansson Scheving, his son Thorkell Arnason Scheving, and his son Arni Thorkelsson Scheving who moved to Am. in 01876 and settled near Hesel, ND. (He is listed in Saga Islendingar i ND)

      1. I had the privilege of meeting Ralph at the Seattle Icelandic Club summer picnic today!! He is a nice man and an avid Icelandic genealogist — like us!

  11. Hvernig færi ég að því að finna skildmenni mín í Vesturheimi? Það var mikið af þeim sem flutti til Kanada stuttu eftir aldamótin 1900. Aðallega fólk frá Blönduósi og þar í kring.

    1. Takk fyrir áhugann á Icelandic Roots Database.

      Þetta er stórkostleg síða, þar sem grunnurinn eru ævistarf ættfræðingsins Hálfdans Helgasonar (512.601 einstaklingar), en að auki hafa 29.000 einstaklingum og ýmsum upplýsingum og möguleikum verið bætt við.

      Hér eru ættfræði- og sögulegar upplýsingar tengdar fólki frá Íslandi, Kanada, Bandaríkjunum og öðrum löndum þar sem Íslendingar búa.
      Hægt er að finna nöfn bæja forfeðra í Íslandi, staðsetningu ættingja í Norður Ameríku, greftrarstaði, myndir, frásagnir, núlifandi ættingja og miklu meira.
      Þetta er mikill gagnagrunnur, þar sem fleira en ættfræðiupplýsingar flettast saman.
      Á hverjum degi bætum við nýjum ættfræðiupplýsingum við.

      Ef einstaklingur, sem þú leitar, er ekki í gagnagrunninum, aðstoðum við þig við leitina.

      Til að vernda gögnin, þarf að kaupa aðgang að síðunni. Með aðgangaeyrinum eru byggðir upp sjóðir til að styrkja námsfólk og til að halda á lofti kynningu á okkar sameiginlega íslenska menningararfi.
      Við, sem vinnum að því að þessum gagnagrunni þyggjum ekki laun fyrir störf okkar.

  12. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am an English re-enactor, and am part of a Viking Re-enactment group. While I love the live-combat and the living history side of things, I noticed some time ago that much of the Viking culture – such as traditional music, games, the religion they would have followed – could be better represented.

    I understand that I am not from Iceland, and though I have some degree of Viking in me from the raids, I am more English than otherwise, and thus have very little right to a detailed understanding to what is surely a very complex heritage. But I feel that an understanding of the ‘Viking’ culture would only help our group to actually keep these traditions alive, but also present a truer, more educational picture and remove a fair few misunderstandings for ourselves and those we are asked to do re-enactment for. (Horned helmets being the most irritating to date).

    I would very much appreciate some pointers on how best to approach this, and specifically, sources of information to research the culture and traditions of the various groups generically dubbed ‘Vikings’ in England, which I’m sure is a misnomer.

    Many thanks,


  13. Reply to my comment on FB.
    Icelandic Roots There is a special offer this month. Even if you decide not to join as a member, we want to make sure you are a part of the “Cousins Across the Ocean” project. Send a message to Sunna at and we can make sure you are included.

  14. My name is Darlene (nee) Hjorleifson (married name Fridfinnson). I would like to find out more about my Icelandic ancestry someday …

  15. I said I’d like to find out more sbout my ancestry someday because I cannot afford to do so at the present time. Thank you.

    1. We should still get you connected, Darlene. Someone may be searching for you and can connect this way to share more information. We have visitors with Snorri West coming who may be related to you. You do not have to join as a member to be connected — we want everyone to be a part of the “Cousins” project whether they are a member of the genealogy site or not. Their name can still be entered as part of the bigger Icelandic story.

  16. Fascinating. I just learned today about icelandicRoots. I will have to get my son to help me sign up, I think. My mother’s half sister was Halldora Bjornadottir from Blondous in NW Iceland. I heard that she lived to be 109. I visited her when she was 106. Alene Thorunn Halvorson Moris, Seattle

    1. Hi Alene! Great to hear from you! Thanks for your message. We would be thrilled to have you join in the fun. I sent your message to David Johnson in Seattle. He is our top genealogist for the people in the Northwest and actually everywhere. 🙂

  17. Hi Alene,
    Halldóra Bjarnadóttir was my great aunt and a good friend of the family. I have letters and cards from her she wrote to me as well as her wonderful embroidery book. She was a born leader and educator and a pioneered better and broader education for women in general. I am so glad I knew this great lady.
    Best regards, Sigríður H. Sigurðardóttir MacEachern, Prince Edward Island.

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