Our Organization

The Icelandic Roots (IR) heritage focus includes genealogy, literature, language, culture, traditions, and history of the people of Icelandic descent living here in North America and across the globe.

Icelandic Roots supplies an online genealogical database with personal assistance to members. Historical and cultural knowledge is shared on the IR Database, the IR Blog, and through Social Media. IR also provides seminars, presentations, publications, research, and educational resources to support individuals, families, groups, and educators in understanding the history of Iceland and its people including those that immigrated to North America and their descendants.

Charitable activities include educational scholarship funding, supporting and hosting cultural and educational events, funding special projects and other activities which focus on Icelandic heritage, genealogy, literature, language, culture, traditions, and the history of the people living here in North America and around the world with Icelandic ancestors. A list of the organizations and projects we support can be found at the bottom of this page. Visit our Scholarships page to learn about opportunities for educational funding and deadlines for applications.

The online genealogy database allows others to pursue their own research interests as a member. The proceeds are used to sustain the database, provide educational scholarships, and to develop social and educational outreach projects with various groups and individuals. The educational programs, database access, educational blog posts, and all other currently available and future resources maintained, designed, or written by Icelandic Roots will be of a public benefit and value by giving people of Icelandic descent access to information and expertise on genealogical and historical research and publishing.

Membership fees go to projects and programs to educate and help people learn about our shared Icelandic Heritage. None of the genealogists or the board members are paid – we all work as volunteers to make this the best site for Icelandic Genealogy and History, with personal assistance available to any member. Giving back to our Icelandic Communities makes a difference in our lives and the lives of others. Below is a partial list of the organizations and projects we support:

Other Grant Recipients:

Bru Cemetery - Manitoba

Gimli Icelandic Club - Manitoba

Grund Cemetery Restoration Project - Grund, Manitoba

Historic Markerville - Markerville, Alberta

Icelandic Canadian Club of Edmonton

Icelandic Canadian Frón - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Icelandic Connection Journal - Gimli, Manitoba

Icelandic River Heritage Sites - Riverton, Manitoba

New Iceland Heritage Museum - Gimli, Manitoba

Viking Park - Gimli, Manitoba

City of Akureyri - K. N. Júlíus Monument

Riishús Restoration Project - Bordeyri

"Sails, Rails, Rivers, and Trails" exhibit - Vopnafjörður

United States
Blaine Icelandic Heritage Society - Washington

Fjalla Church - North Dakota

Hekla Icelandic Club - Minnesota

Icelandic American Association of Minnesota

Icelandic Association of Arizona

Icelandic Association of Utah

Icelandic Communities Association - North Dakota

Icelandic Online Club - Texas

Manassas Viking Fest - Virginia

Mountain Bornum Park - North Dakota

Pembina Hills Church - North Dakota

Scandinavian Hjemkomst Festival - North Dakota

Scandinavian Hostfest - North Dakota

Thingvalla Cemetery Association - North Dakota

Washington Island Museum - Wisconsin