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Icelandic Roots has exclusive opportunities just for you! Connect with cousins. Preserve your family story. 

What Is Icelandic Roots?

We are a vibrant, interactive, nonprofit community all-volunteer organization. Together, we preserve, promote, and educate others about our shared Icelandic heritage with various community fun online events, opportunities, interesting newsletters and seminars, and genealogy (not just names and dates).

The story of your ancestors is important and belonging to Icelandic Roots will help you realize that you are not alone and are valued - no matter what your story and how your ancestors lived. Research proves that when we have a stronger sense of self, it will help us throughout our lives. 

Don't have time? You can still support our nonprofit mission. A Samkoma Membership is just $1 per week. There are many options for free, public opportunities and very valuable reduced fees for the wonderful All-Access Membership.
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Celebrating 10 Years!

We were officially a nonprofit 501c3 as of November 12, 2013. However, our team has been providing genealogy and educational services for many decades. Our volunteers live in Canada, Iceland, and the USA.

Dedicated and talented volunteers work together for the IR Mission and TOGETHER -- we are creating an amazing community with so very many opportunities.

We Support Icelandic Programs, Projects, and Events by working with other Icelandic organizations, locations, and people.

We are a 100% non-profit organization run by a dedicated team of volunteers.

 Over the past 10 years, memberships and donations have helped us "pay it forward" by awarding over $155,000 USD in scholarships and heritage grants!

Every day our genealogists connect new member trees, photos, census records, ship lists, and other media. The counter below updates every 15 minutes!

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