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North Dakota - Overview

The Icelandic settlement in North Dakota began in 1878. The main settlement area was in Pembina County with Icelanders also settling in the western edge of Cavalier County and in the county to the south called Walsh County.

Icelandic Genealogy and History including maps of Icelandic farms, photos, histories, documents, a growing and unique database where you can find your living ‘Cousins Across the Ocean’ and your ancestors, cemeteries, famous ancestors, and a powerful relationship calculator.

The Founding of the Icelandic Settlement at Dakota video

Icelandic Communities Association of Northeast North Dakota - ICA - The Deuce

The Vikur Lutheran Church and Cemetery is the oldest Icelandic church in North America. See a list of those buried in this pioneer cemetery and more information on how to discover your ancestors and much more.

Self-Drive Guidebook of Icelandic Settlement in Northeast North Dakota

The Dakota Icelanders Project by Arlan Steinolfsson

State Archives and Historical Research Library of the State Historical Society of North Dakota

North Dakota State Genealogical Society (NDSGS)

Mouse River Loop Genealogical Society north-central Icelandic settlement area was settled later and includes Melankton Cemetery and Church.

Ox Carts Trails Historical Society for Minnesota and North Dakota

Pembina County Historical Society

Red River Valley Genealogy Society

This work is in the public domain in the United States


The Icelandic Emigration Journey:  From Turfhouses to Prairie Homesteads. 2023. Tells the story of the Icelandic settlements in North Dakota and Minnesota.

Saga Islendinga í Norður-Dakota by Thorstina Jackson Walters. 

Vestur-Íslenzkar Æviskrár by Benjamin Krístjánsson and Árni Bjarnarson. 4 volumes.

The Icelandic Settlement of Pembina County by Sveinbjorn Johnson.

Modern Sagas, The Story of Icelanders in North America by Thorstina Jackson Walters.

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