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“Also Known As” and Other Interesting Reports

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Many Icelandic emigrants changed their surnames when they came to North America. Below are a few examples.

  • Þórðarson \ Thorlacius

  • Alexandersson \ Alexander

  • Andrésson, Árnason, og Arnbjarnarson \ Anderson

  • Ásgeirsson \ Johnson

  • Benediktsson \ Benson

  • Þórðarson \ Thorson og Veum

  • Þorsteinsson \ Stone

  • Stefánsson \ Stevenson or Stevens or Stephanson

  • Sigurðsson \ Eyford

  • Bjarnason \ Nordal, Goodman, Bearnson, Barnes, Barnell, Benson, Barnason, etc

  • Björnsson \ Byron, Samuelson, Olson, Nupdal, Jonsson, Bjornson, Halldorsson, Gislason, Freeman, etc.

Icelandic Roots genealogists have been working for over a year on a variety of reports including one for AKA (Also Known As). Special links have been made on the left side of the home page for about 10 different events. However, there are 37 different events available at this time at IR and many factorial combinations are available to select your very own special report.

To find the reports in the database which do not have a special link on the home page, follow these tips below. This one is specific for the AKA (Also Known As) Report. Use these same steps for searching all the factorial combinations.

  1. Go to the Home page of

  2. Click on “Advanced Search.”

  3. Make sure all the white boxes are empty. Do not enter any names.

  4. Under the chart, click on “Other Events Click to Display.”

  5. Scroll down to the event that you are interested in such as “AKA.”

  6. In the line that shows “Fact,” click on the drop-down menu to choose “exists.”

  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Search.”

Do you want to search for number of people who have the surname of Björnsson? How about the names and dates of people who have drowned? After you click on the ‘Search’ button and get the results, each person can then be further searched by clicking on their name. It is fascinating to see all the information on this site. These reports are a new feature of Icelandic Roots and are improving every day as we add more and more information to the site.

Searchable Reports:

  • Adopted

  • AKA (Also Known As)

  • Awards

  • Baptism

  • Biographies

  • Cemeteries

  • Census

  • Confirmation

  • Dates and Anniversaries

  • Divorce

  • Documents

  • Drowned Report

  • Education

  • Emigration from Non-Icelandic Location to North America

  • Emigration from Iceland to North America

  • Emigration to another location (from Canada to US, from Iceland to Denmark, from North America back to Iceland are a few examples but any combination can exist).

  • Emigration Ports

  • Famous (all our Famous Ancestors and a little story about them)

  • Headstones

  • Histories (people, places, families, emigration, occupations, and more)

  • Honors, Orders, Medals

  • Military

  • Ministers / Ordained (A very new report that is under construction)

  • Most Wanted – Information about Elusive People

  • Naturalization

  • Nickname

  • Notes (includes stories, obituaries, biographies, and more information – as of today includes over 513,000 various notes).

  • Occupation

  • Photos

  • Places (Birth, Marriage, Emigration, Death, Burial Places are all searchable) additionally, we are connecting all the Icelandic Farms and Places as well as North American places into an interactive map feature where you can zoom in and out to see the locations on the very fun interactive maps

  • Ports (Emigration Ports)

  • Religion

  • Residence

  • School

  • Ships (emigration ships from Iceland)

  • Surnames

  • Timeline

  • Videos

If you would like to join this unique and interesting site, click here:

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