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Phenomenal Growth of Information at Icelandic Roots Genealogy Database

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Góðan daginn!

Genealogy is so fun and can quickly become an obsession. Yesterday, I looked at the new statistics for the IR Genealogy Database. The genealogists have been hard at work (a little obsessed maybe) and we are making great progress. As of today, 15 Jul 2015:

561,560 people are in the database - this is up almost 49,000 new people since September of 2013.

596 Cemeteries with links to the people, photos, places, and some with the history of the church and cemetery.

513,265 Notes - This is information about individual people and you find it by going to their personal page. It includes biographical information, obituaries, emigration stories, occupations, where they lived, cause of death, and many more valuable pieces of information.

220 Documents - various information including letters, passenger lists, immigration cards, memorial documents, military documents, newspaper articles, school lists, etc.

95 Significant Biographies - of important people, others with significant historical information included, or interesting emigration stories, etc.

72 Histories - Most of these are area histories of the Icelandic settlement areas but also include Emigration stories, Death Indexes, War Stories and Memorials, Icelandic Names and Meanings, Indexes to various books written about Icelandic people and locations, Icelandic Sagas, other histories.

1,344 Photos, 341 Headstones, 14 Videos, and much more

2,483 people in the Drowned Report

133 people in the Famous Ancestors Report

65 events on the Icelandic History Timeline

There is so much to explore on the site. We are working on other reports, new initiatives, and have connected many of the historic Icelandic farms to the interactive map feature. The locations in North America are mostly mapped but the farms in Iceland all have to be individually connected for proper placement.

We hope you enjoy the Icelandic Roots Database and all it has to offer. If you are interested in finding your family story and how you are related to your cousins, you can join in the fun at

This website is set up for members to join to protect the data, provide money for scholarships to the Snorri Program and other worthy Icelandic endeavors, and continue the great work of providing this resource online. All the genealogists are volunteers and do not get paid - it is a true labor of love and we will help you to find your story. To be included in the 'Cousins Across the Ocean' project or to learn more, email me or check out all the information on the Genealogy Link.

Have a wonderful day!

Best wishes, Sunna

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