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Questions for My Ancestor

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Dear Ancestor,

I have so many questions. Here is my longing request. I wonder and wonder About the day that you left.

Was the sun in the sky? Did it glimmer on the fjörð? Were the seabirds flying by On their flights back and forth?

Was it blustery and rainy? Were you cold and scared? Or at peace and maybe Happy and undeterred?

Did your family and friends Come to wish you goodbye? Were they angry and sad? Did they hug you and cry?

Sailing away with so many thoughts. Did you look out to sea? Did you stare back to shore, Blinded by tears or the heavy sea fog?

Were you excited? Were you glad? Were you anxious? Or were you sad?

Were you dressed in your finest Or just the clothes on your back? Did you memorize each waterfall, Each mountain, each valley?

These questions haunt me Trying to understand. Searching for answers Of you and your homeland.

Many families and friends watched as their kinsmen sailed away out of this fjörð. Many emigrants left from the port of Akureyri.

Akureyri 1885

Akureyri 1885

It is fairly easy to find the names, dates, and places. But we are missing the emotions, thoughts, dreams, and fears. These questions will remain unanswered --- unless they have left us their written memories.

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