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Bóndadagurinn – Farmer’s Day / Husband’s Day

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Today we celebrate the first day of Þorri (Thorri) and Bóndadagur – (Farmer’s Day / Husband’s Day).

For centuries past, this special day held an interesting ritual. It was the duty of the farmer (man of the house) to welcome Þorri by rising earlier than anyone else. Next, he had to go outside wearing only a shirt (no jacket, socks, or shoes), and with his long underwear around one leg so that the other dragged behind him. Then he had to hop on one foot around the house to welcome the new month.

On Bóndadagur the lady of the house is supposed to treat her husband exceptionally well. These traditions are to bring good luck to the farm and home.

In the present, men no longer run around their house in the early hours. Bóndadagur is now a day for husbands to be celebrated with gifts and a good meal. (Women get their day next month).

Til hamingju með bóndudaginn!

Happy Farmer’s Day (Husband’s Day)!

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