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Icelandic Roots - What's New

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Click on the video to see What's New in action!

The summer is flying by. We have been making amazing strides on the database! Check out these statistics:

  • 613,777 total individuals (3.5 years adding an average of 2,405 people per month!)

  • 27,571 unique surnames

  • 8,076 media – photos, documents, etc

  • Many special reports: AKA, Clergy, Drowned

  • Abandoned Farms, Interesting Places, Farm Photos

  • GPS Coordinates and Interactive Online Mapping Feature

  • 365 special histories, 600 biographies, and 610,000 notes including obits and stories

  • 291 cemeteries as well as info on churches and clergy

  • Passenger Lists, Emigration Ports, Ships, Emigration Stories

  • 366 important events on the Timeline

  • 330 Interesting People report – Find out how YOU are related to them

  • Dates and Anniversaries component

  • Longest Lived report

  • Advanced Search, Most Wanted, What´s New, and more

  • Cousins Across the Ocean Project

  • 1,625 headstones

  • 1,330 sources – where we research information

  • And the VERY FUN Relationship Calculator where we find out how we are all related and interconnected. This is for everyone – even if you know all your genealogy already

  • Scholarships for Snorri Program – this year we are sponsoring 4 young Canadians plus donating money to the Program for Icelandic Language classes and Education

  • Scholarships for Icelandic Language study in Iceland

  • Donations for preservation and education throughout North America

  • Expert IT guys who make it all work and keep the information safe

  • Genealogists, Historians, Translators, Cartographers, and other volunteers

Thanks so much for those who donate and to the current IR Database members for supporting the IR Mission. We work as volunteers to promote, preserve, and educate all about our shared Icelandic heritage. Do you want to find out WHO is doing all the work for IR? Click on the VOLUNTEER page to learn more.

What can YOU DO?

Support our mission?

Tax-Deductible Donations are greatly appreciated. You can specify if you want it to go for a special project, for language studies, or for Snorri Programs, One of the Emigration Centers in Iceland, a Preservation Project, etc ... Just let us know.

Become a member? Have access to an interactive database. Get individual help from an Icelandic Genealogy and History expert. Discover your cousins in North America or in Iceland. And most importantly --- please make sure we continue to preserve YOUR family story in the database by filling out the “Cousins Across the Ocean“ form.

Support the team?

The genealogists meet every Wednesday via an online meeting room. We discuss ways to make IR even better and better. If you are not a member of the database site, I encourage you to join. Your membership fee is important as it not only gives you access to this comprehensive professional genealogy and history site but also helps keep our story alive. A spark is being lit in the young people that IR sponsors for Snorri Programs and Icelandic Language so they will pass our heritage on to the next generation.

Share this information with others?

Share by email, Facebook, in person, phone, and all other ways so we get the word out and allow others to learn more about the good works being done at Icelandic Roots.

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