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The Mountain Börnum Park

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

A group of moms in northeast North Dakota are working to provide a safe and fun environment for children at a new planned playground. The proposed name is “The Mountain Börnum Park” and it will be located near the Mountain Community Center and the Vikur Church. While the town of Mountain is considered small and the surrounding area is rural, there are many families who will benefit from this playground. The closest public park for children is over 13 miles away. The annual Deuce of August, the oldest ethnic festival in North Dakota and the largest Icelandic event in the United States, is held in Mountain each year. Over the past eighteen months, this energetic group has been working to raise funds for this park. They have sponsored many fun events within the community. They also have received memorials, donations, sponsorship from area businesses, and donations from organizations such as Icelandic Roots.

“We are very appreciative of the local support and feel this will be such a blessing for our growing community. We only need $15,000 more to complete the first phase of our project,” says a mom in the volunteer group for the Mountain Börnum Park. The North Dakota Community Foundation is the fiscal sponsor of this project to provide tax-deductible donations, which can be made online, by mail, or phone. Check out the Börnum Park website and their Facebook page to see status updates and more. Please help them build this park.

They encourage you to join their FB page, check out the website and park designs, and send a donation if possible. They want to wish all supporters a huge thank you! Facebook Page Website Donations: links for the Mountain Börnum Park

Icelandic Roots

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