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Changing IR Social Media

We are pleased that so many people with Icelandic ancestors are interested in promoting and preserving our shared Icelandic heritage, culture, stories, photos, and more. Icelandic Roots has come a LONG way! On November 12, Icelandic Roots, as a nonprofit organization, will be seven years old. Our volunteer team continues to grow. Many of us have been working on Icelandic genealogy, history, and educating others for decades previous to 2013, and over the last seven years, we have joined together to make IR a robust, philanthropic, interesting, educational, and fun online community. You can learn about our volunteer team here:

Icelandic Roots maintains a variety of social media sites to educate, preserve, and promote our shared Icelandic heritage and culture. Most are open to the public: Vimeo, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. We also maintain a blog and an open website with significant amounts of information, which is provided as a public service. Soon, we will begin podcasts, too! We are constantly improving and growing.

The Icelandic Roots Private Facebook Group was started in November of 2017 as part of the IR Mission. The closed FB group will be changing to align with our new privacy and terms of service policies, which were updated in August. The objective was to create a private group where the IR Database members could share their genealogy tips, stories, relationship calculator info, and be a part of the IR community on a more personal level.

To align with the privacy policies, we will be changing the closed Facebook Group to a Membership-Only Group. Whoever has a membership (or is a volunteer) for Icelandic Roots will be able to join the group. Others living in the same household as the member (children, spouses, partners) will also be welcome to the group, which aligns with our membership policies. If someone in your household is accidentally deleted, please send us an email letting us know. All new and current members will be informed on how to join, as it is another benefit to the already valuable IR membership.

This Facebook Group can allow us to showcase our expertise and dedication to the supporting members. People can ask questions that are visible to other group members, have more frequent interactions and discussion, plus more. We can show our How-To videos and information for our members. We can announce new features using a ‘Watch Party‘ or we can start using the ‘Learning Unit‘ feature.

The public IR Facebook Page as well as all other IR social media sites, our website, blog posts, and more will continue to provide many opportunities for those without a supporting membership yet want to engage and stay connected with Icelandic Roots. The main Facebook page will show up in search engines and continue to be a great site. The link to our Facebook page is:

Social media users can send us messages and post comments on the regular Facebook page plus over most of the social media sites. We also have this beautiful website created and maintained by Natalie with help from Richard, Dave, Doug, and Butch. The link to join Icelandic Roots as a full member with all our offerings is:

We look forward to the years ahead with each of you. Watch your emails, social media, and this blog for more new features, seminars, and offerings coming up to celebrate our 7th year anniversary. Thank you for being a part of the IR Community – wherever you connect with us in the many offerings. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Shine Your Light, Sunna Olafson Furstenau

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