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Guðríður Arrives in Vinland 2022

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

We are so excited to announce Guðríður's Saga is available for purchase! The children's book and complementary coloring book will be enjoyed by youth and adults alike. Written by Bryndís Viglundsdóttir and illustrated by Gay Strandemo, the duo teamed up to create a treasure for your family to enjoy. It is now available for purchase online!

This is the illustrated story of Guðríður Þorbjarnardóttir, from the Icelandic Saga of Erik the Red and the Greenland Sagas. She travelled with the Vikings to Greenland after 1000 CE and settled in Vinland in North America a few years later. Guðríður gave birth to the first European child known to be born in North America. Her story charts her travels and adventures from Iceland to Greenland, Vinland, and all the way to Rome on a pilgrimage she made in later life. Guðríður is an inspiring Icelandic character to the women of Iceland and all who admire the spirit of adventure.

Guðríður is IR# I133852 in the Icelandic Roots Database. She is an ancestor to all of us. Check out how you are related to this famous ancestor.

To place an order:

1) Amazon

2) Smile.Amazon (for US orders to qualify for the nonprofit donations to IR)

Katrín Jakobsdóttir, Iceland´s Prime Minister, wrote this about the book:

In today’s world, we often find ourselves bridging gaps. Gaps between different generations, diverse groups and cultures. In Bryndís’ tale of Guðríður Þorbjarnardóttir she has a conversation with her grandson Þorgeir, an illustration of this theme as the generations discuss the meeting of different worlds in Guðríður‘s travels. This story demonstrates the importance of mutual understanding and tolerance. We are not all the same and we shouldn’t all be the same. But we can make the effort to understand one another. The story further illuminates Guðríður as a mother and grandmother and depicts her adventurous life which has been an inspiration to many generations of Icelandic women and girls. It was pleasure to read and I hope you think so too. Katrín Jakobsdóttir, prime minister of Iceland

Also available:

Gay Strandemo is the author and illustrator of The Yule Boys. The publisher for The Yule Boys and Guðríður's Saga is Will Publishing Company from Wisconsin. We send a thank you to Tracy Will for his excellent work on the Guðríður's Saga project. He is a dedicated and fabulous "Icelander by Choice."

The Yule Boys book and Guðríður's Saga book and coloring book are also available on The Yule Boys website.


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