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Do You Care About Your Icelandic Heritage?

Yes. Of course, you care about your Icelandic heritage. That is why you are reading this!

Ten years ago, on November 12, 2013, Icelandic Roots became an official nonprofit 501c3. Hálfdan Helgason had a great genealogy database. Many people, including me, received help from him. By creating Icelandic Roots (IR), there was a way for us to collaborate on one database. The results ten years later are miraculous!

Sunna and Hálfdan

Our Icelandic Heritage is Significant

Every day, I hear from people of Icelandic ancestry - even those with a sliver in their DNA - and they LOVE being Icelandic. They care about the family stories. The mass emigration from Iceland to North America was significant. Our ancestors suffered, lived in misery, and died during those harsh years. We are their descendants and are proud of our heritage.

Many say, "I wish my grandparents were alive so I could ask them..." This is why Icelandic Roots exists. Don't let the stories and your Icelandic heritage die with you or be in a pile of paperwork stored in boxes. Our genealogists will help you preserve the information so more is not lost.

Icelandic Roots is Your Family

While Icelandic Roots has a Mission Statement, Privacy Policies, and all the official business capabilities, it is so much more. This is YOUR family. You can participate and join in the fun. You can discover the "Cousins Across the Ocean" project and the Emigration stories, see maps and ancestral farms, and collaborate to keep this extraordinary heritage alive for future generations. Even if you know everything about your ancestors or have no time to participate, we value your input. I know you will discover something new.

Working Together is the Key to Success

Together. This is the vital mindset behind Icelandic Roots. With an exceptional and dedicated all-volunteer team, we are building this community for all people with Icelandic ancestry and even offer some programming for the public, too! The IR team provides genealogy assistance and information you cannot get anywhere else. We do things differently here. Together, we are accomplishing so much.

Thank You to the Treasured Volunteers

By combining varied interests and strengths, the volunteer IR teams have created remarkable growth in all sectors. We continue to learn from each other along the way. We enjoy this work so very much and are gratified by helping others. The IR volunteers are a true treasure.

Thank You to the Supporting Members

We are honored to work with you preserving our heritage, educating others, and having lots of fun along the way. We so enjoy seeing you at our online events. Thanks for sending in your family photos and stories. Your next generation will not have to say, "I really wish they had told us ... I feel bad that we don't know ...." You are the link to the future. Thank you for caring about preserving your family history.

Our Icelandic Heritage is Unique

While people with Icelandic ancestry are small in population - we are mighty!

Statistics Iceland reports that 387,758 people live in Iceland and 49,000 live abroad. 61,148 or 16.3% of Iceland's population are foreign citizens. 6,575 more are second-generation immigrants .

  • 320,000 in Iceland (387,758 - 61,148 - 6,575 = 320,035)

  • 49,000 Icelandic-born living outside the country

  • 150,000 Canadians of Icelandic descent

  • 100,000 Americans of Icelandic descent

  • 20,000 Icelandic descendants in Brazil, Denmark, England, and other locations around the world

With approximately 640,000 people with Icelandic ancestry living around the globe, this is a tiny number. Norwegians, in comparison, number about 10 million.

However, we have the fortune of Icelandic Roots. No other nation has a wonderful genealogy database or community like Icelandic Roots.

Icelandic Roots Needs You

Our membership list is still very small at only 650 supporting members. If you are not a member yet, please join us. We need you!

The Top Ten Things you can do:

  1. Verify that your family is in the IR Database.

  2. Complete the "Cousins Across the Ocean" form.

  3. Learn about the various membership levels.

  4. Participate in Public and Member opportunities.

  5. Subscribe to the Newsletter and Event Calendar.

  6. Tell your family and friends, too.

  7. Give a gift membership.

  8. Donate to support a project or program.

  9. Become an IR Volunteer.

  10. Sign up and become a member!

This is where you belong.

Römm er sú taug - Strong is the Bond


Email us your questions or join the conversation on our Facebook Group.

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