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Interesting People Who Emigrated and Returned to Iceland

A three-part presentation of Icelanders who left for the West to return to their beloved Icelanders with unique accomplishments.

From Iceland to the west in North America and return.  Credit:
From Iceland to the west in North America and return. Credit:

In previous newsletters, stories have been told of our ancestors who immigrated from Iceland to the West, as far as the West Coast of North America. A few returned to the east, all the way to Iceland. During their time in America, they absorbed new ideas, knowledge, and attitudes, and knew they had something very valuable to share with the people at home.

The three individuals being presented in this series possessed their own unique talents that was further enhanced and cultivated while staying in America. Upon returning to Iceland, they made significant contributions in their respective field through educating and entertaining young and old. They shared with their countrymen the culture and beauty of home and afar.

We welcome you to read the stories of these West Icelanders who made a difference upon their return to Iceland:

We also invite you to share with Icelandic Roots any information you, our readers, might have about West Icelanders who returned to Iceland. Information should be sent to attn: Becky.


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