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Ode To Iceland

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

2022 Snorri participant Jessica Drake wrote the following poem to commemorate her experience in the Snorri program. She then set the poem to visuals of the beautiful Icelandic landscape she filmed while there. Jessica presented her video at the final Snorri gathering in Iceland.

Screenshot from Jessica Drake's "Iceland" video.
Screenshot from Jessica Drake's "Iceland" video.


The power falls over you,

Crashing down below

Power unceasing, unrelenting

Wind and mist blows all around.

Excess energy, pulsing through air.

Towering in the clouds

Every part of you, covered in life

Wild flowers flourish here.

We all do, we respect you here.

An unignorable beauty unmatched,

Two parts of a whole, underneath.

You crack, cave, explode, and shake

Yet that never takes anything away,

Never diminishing your innate value

We grew around you, with you.

You didn’t let us destroy you.

Some say it was elves, but some don’t.

I believe all the stories you tell…

You never hide the truth.

The good, the bad, we love all of you

You are the Earth’s most precious beauty mark.

You are ICELAND.


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