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Pronouncing May 2019 as our First Pay it Forward Month!

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Have you ever been in line at the grocery store, and just as you were about to pay, you realized that you were $2.00 short? Embarrassing for sure, but if you are one of the lucky ones, some nice stranger behind you realized your predicament and happily paid the clerk the balance of your bill. I bet you can remember the warm feeling you had walking out of that store knowing that a total stranger opened up his heart for you. It was an act of kindness that hopefully spurred you on to help someone else in their time of “need.” Something so simple, yet I’m sure a moment you will remember for years.

The old adage is true: It is better to give than receive! At Icelandic Roots, we have volunteer genealogists who work tirelessly to add your Icelandic ancestors and living cousins in the database. They are doing this because they know how important capturing this history is to preserve our combined, Icelandic story. They get excited when they find a famous person or wily character who has been lurking in your background waiting to be found. They get excited to hear the hundreds of stories being memorialized with photos, births, marriages and death certificates added to the database for future generations to access. They use their sleuthing skills to help all people of Icelandic descent, not just their own families. This is their way of Paying it Forward!

I’d like to pronounce May 2019 as our first Pay it Forward May. For the whole month, let’s all find ways to contribute financially to Icelandic Roots so our non-profit organization can continue the great work of memorializing our Icelandic ancestors and living cousins. Your tax deductible donations will be used to continue supporting our ongoing finances to secure the database, acquire genealogical assets, promote Icelandic Roots, provide scholarships to Snorri Recipients, and support the many worthy organizations and causes that promote our Icelandic heritage.

We are all blessed by the thousands of hours our volunteers donate each year. I hope you will consider “Paying it Forward” so others will benefit by the work of Icelandic Roots just as you have been. May your acts of kindness for people you may never meet come back to you ten-fold!

Shine your light,

Sunna and the IR Team


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