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The 2024 Deuce and Dagurinn

The mid-continent celebrations of Icelandic heritage are moving into high gear when Mountain, North Dakota's The Deuce of August celebrates the 125th anniversary of the gathering (August 1 - 4) and Gimli, Manitoba's Íslendingadagurinn (The Day of the Icelander) celebrates the 135th anniversary on August 2 - 5. 

Celebrating at The Deuce of August

Icelandic Roots will be at both celebrations with an exclusive offer for Icelandic descendants to check out their roots with an afternoon of FREE access to the Icelandic Roots Database. IR volunteer genealogists will also assist new users in uncovering their family's past using the IR database.

Icelandic Roots is in Mountain on Friday, August 2nd - Pre-register for Premium Access before July 26th.

Icelandic Roots is in Gimli on Sunday, August 4th - Pre-register for Premium Access before July 26th.

The latest schedule of events is online; here is the link to the Deuce of August. Once there you can print a copy of this year's schedule.

The schedule for Íslendingadagurinn is on this website.

To get a firsthand look at Íslendingadagurinn through a young person's eyes, read Doreen McFarlane's account, The Best Day of the Year.

To discover Why Icelanders Celebrate The Deuce of August, read Sunna Furstenau's article.

Viking Park Statue in Gimli, Manitoba
Viking Park Statue in Gimli, Manitoba


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