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Become an Icelandic Roots Volunteer

Sólfarið The Sun Voyager.jpg

Icelandic Roots has dozens of volunteer team members who keep this organization "humming along."


We have dedicated genealogists who keep building out the genealogy database, adding names, dates, details, photos, documents, and more. We also have a team that keeps the IT side in tip-top shape.

We have a team that produces videos, newsletters, podcasts, and special projects. Another team that posts updates to our social media pages. We have a team that helps members learn to use the database through year-round educational opportunities.


We have a team that handles all the business and administrative needs of a growing organization. We have a team of writers, photographers, graphic designers, and website builders.

And all of our teams have one thing in common: we find an area where we want to contribute, and we have fun doing it.

Where do we find all these happy volunteers? From existing members who see an area of our mission where they can offer a helping hand.

If you are interested in finding out more about volunteer opportunities, drop us an email at

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