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Membership Outreach Director

Social Media

Becky Byerly-Adams


Colorado, USA

Becky has always been proud to be of Icelandic descent, but it wasn’t until her aunt and uncle traveled to Iceland to investigate their family roots on the island of Hrísey, that the desire to know more about her Icelandic heritage really emerged.

In 1893 when her amma was a young child, her family emigrated from northern Iceland and settled in Canada. She eventually moved to the United States, leaving all her family behind. Although Becky never knew her, she felt a strong connection to her amma because they both moved several times as children. Becky was born in California but moved several times before settling in Washington when she was 16. After years of living in various cities in Washington, Becky moved to Colorado with her husband in 2016 to be closer to their two sons and grandsons.

Until moving to Colorado, Becky was a middle school math teacher and instructional coach. Like most teachers, she is a lifelong learner, and Icelandic Roots has provided her with a plethora of information to explore. “I first joined Icelandic Roots before traveling to Iceland in 2016 but did not become an active member until 2020. I ran the 2021 Fitness Challenge, am a member of the social media team, and am now working with the writers’ group”.

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