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Alfreda’s writing experience and excitement help us provide a place to collaborate and share ideas and apprehensions as writers, which in turn, builds on old and new stories.

Authors' Corner

Alfreda Duffy

Alberta, CAN

Bryndís serves as a language consultant and marketing assistant for Icelandic Roots.


Bryndís Víglundsdóttir

Reykjavík, ÍSL

Gay has written songs, plays, grants, newspaper articles and picture books. She is pleased to take part and contribute to the writers' group.


Gay Strandemo

Wisconsin, USA

As an Icelandic Roots volunteer, Jason is the Director of Social Media. In this role, he provides education to members and promotes public and private events at Icelandic Roots.

Social Media Team Director

Jason Doctor

California, USA

As an IR volunteer, Judy hopes to learn more about her ancestors’ homeland and encourage connections among IR members.

Samtal Hour Manager

Judy Dickson

British Columbia, CAN

Owen, an alumnus of the Snorri Program, spearheads our Icelandic Roots Podcast.


Owen Roberts

Manitoba, CAN

Randy manages the IR Facebook private group page. He welcomes new members, vets them and makes sure all is well within the groups postings and interactions.

Facebook Group

Randy Johnson

British Columbia, CAN

Sharron is excited to join the IR Volunteer Team, working with others in the creation and promotion of new work by IR authors. She has more than 45 years of experience, writing in a wide variety of genres.

Writing Manager

Sharron Arksey

Manitoba, CAN

In addition to her graduate studies in International Affairs, Veronica brings a wealth of writing and project experience to the IR team!


Veronica Li

Virginia, USA

Becky first joined Icelandic Roots before traveling to Iceland in 2016 but did not become an active member until 2020. She ran the 2021 Fitness Challenge and is a member of the social media team and the writers’ group.

Membership Outreach Director

Becky Byerly-Adams

Colorado, USA

Cass reunites with her Snorri cousins, Owen Roberts and Jack Plumley as part of the Icelandic Roots podcast crew!


Cass Laufey Heigaard

Minnesota, USA

Heather’s professional experience and interest in literature lend well to her genealogical pursuits and her role as host of the IR Book Club.

Book Club Manager

Heather Lytwyn

Manitoba, CAN

Jody joined the IR Leadership Team in August of 2021 to lead Public Education and continue as the Snorri Liason.

Public Outreach Director

Jody Arman-Jones

Minnesota, USA

Since returning home from the Snorri Program, Kjersten has been interested in learning more about her ancestors and heritage. She has shared her Snorri experience on Samtal Hour and has since joined IR working with our social media team as well as an editor on the database.

Social Media

Kjersten Gaminek

Manitoba, CAN

Patty became an IR member several years ago and looks forward to helping others find family connections, as a member of the volunteer team!

Program Assistant

Patty Johnson

Manitoba, CAN

Rob began volunteering at Icelandic Roots in 2015 with the goal of becoming a better genealogist and to help with the IR database. Work responsibilities eventually sank that plan, but with retirement in 2021 Rob got a second chance and has since drifted into the realm of IR communications, dabbling in newsletters, training materials, and storytelling.

Newsletter Managing Editor

Rob Olason

Washington, USA

Sverri brings a wealth of experience and interest to the IR community and contributes to our Writing Team.

Writing Team

Sverrir Sigurdsson

Virginia, USA

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