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Cass Laufey Heigaard


Minnesota, USA

Cass Heigaard was raised in northeastern North Dakota, close to her many Icelandic relatives from Gardar and Mountain, North Dakota. Growing up surrounded by Icelandic aunts, uncles, and cousins, Cass’s love of her heritage was strengthened by stories, traditions, and, of course, Icelandic food and delicacies. As a participant in the 2022 Snorri Program, Cass found an even deeper connection to her Icelandic heritage through… Icelandic ice cream. She started the Instagram account “Land of Fire and Ice Cream,” where she chronicled her journey with her Icelandic family and fellow Snorris through Iceland one ice cream scoop at a time. You can check it out at @landoffireandicecream on Instagram. 

Cass is currently living and working in Saint Paul, Minnesota as an elementary school social worker. She is excited to reunite with her Snorri cousins, Owen Roberts and Jack Plumley, to continue the Icelandic Roots podcast.

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