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IT System Director



Wm. Butch Thompson


Georgia, USA

Butch’s interest in genealogy began in 2012, stemming both from curiosity about his wife’s “missing” relatives and a deep connection to his own Icelandic heritage. Butch’s mother spoke Icelandic with her relatives when he was growing up, so he was exposed to his heritage from a young age, but didn’t develop much interest in it until later in life. His vocational interests have always focused on the IT arena.

Butch’s genealogy research has led him to explore most of the major services available. Early interest in DNA research led him to locate lost relations and help others to do the same. Realizing the challenges of finding and recognizing quality genealogical data early on, Butch began exploring alternative sources and stumbled upon Icelandic Roots. Icelandic Roots’ singular focus on Iceland was exactly the link to his heritage that he was looking for.

Butch’s mother’s family immigrated to Riverton, Manitoba in 1876 before relocating to Mountain, North Dakota in 1881. In the early 1940s, the family began moving west to Seattle, Washington, where Butch was born and raised. He spent much of his youth visiting relatives in the Blaine area. Butch has particularly fond memories of visiting his uncle’s dairy farm just outside Blaine.

Butch and his wife Jan live in Newnan, Georgia, just south of Atlanta. They have two adult sons, one living in Auburn, Alabama and the other just outside Kansas City, Missouri. Their sons have produced 5 grandchildren (with a lot of help from their spouses).

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