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Media, Places, and More

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Góðan daginn and Greetings! If you receive this email twice, no worries! We are working on the newsletter site and it will be fixed, updated, and brand new in a few weeks.

The Team at Icelandic Roots wants to share some updates.

We are so excited about the new IR logo designed by our friend, Andrew Saur, of Duluth.

Have you had time lately to check out the Media Link? Doreen has been organizing and helping all the genealogists to make this area into a huge and wonderful feature of the database. Dave has been adding very interesting information, photos, and documents on the emigration ships, ports, and passenger lists. David has made amazing progress with individual documentation regarding Emigration information, and everyone has been working away to add more and more media each day.

George has been adding information from his wonderful book, ‘Pembina County Pioneer Daughter Biographies,’ full of hand written histories of over 1000 women pioneers were collected and typed along with histories of cities, Doctors, churches, and organizations. The hardships and events of the pioneer women’s biographies paint a vivid and colorful picture of the homestead era of Pembina County, North Dakota.

Stefan is adding biographies, stories, and connections in our churches, cemeteries, and clergy. Another link to check out is Places. Our Abandoned Farm expert, Gunnar, is working to add his 20 years of research into Icelandic Roots! This will be an exciting addition to the site. Under ‘Places’, you will see many other new features that will be added to over time.

Cathy, Davíð, and Valdimar work in Iceland to connect our cousins in Iceland to the site, translate letters and documents, and add more interesting connections and people to the site every day. In addition to those genealogists listed above, Sunna, Gwen, Russ, Nonni, Sesselja, Natalie, and all the genealogists on the team continue to add people (about 2,500 per month), biographies, obituaries, and more to make this a wonderful site for all people with Icelandic Ancestry.

The IT Team members of Dave, Richard, and Matt are building a brand new website for the newsletter / information site and will be rolling out some awesome features and additions on our free site at in January.

Check out all the new information by clicking on the links in the blue side bar at

We are so glad you are here on this journey with us. The 2017 class of Snorri participants will be chosen soon and scholarships awarded from IR membership fees. If you know someone ages 18-28, have them apply at So thank you from the Snorri Program and from us! Together, we can make this site better and better for us today and for those who follow us in generations to come.

The Team at IR sends greetings and best wishes to you today and always.

Email us your questions or join the conversation on our Facebook Group.

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