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Volcanoes, Fitness, Genealogy & Poets? Something for Everyone!

Updated: May 23, 2022

The Icelandic Roots community has a variety of features and offerings. Check out the latest news and upcoming events. Join us in celebrating our Icelandic Roots!

Volcanoes The volcanic eruption has been going steady since March 19th and no one knows when it will end.

  • The current lava flow is about 12 m³ or 424 cubic feet every second. This means it can fill an average two-story house every minute! The lava total volume is about 44,000,000 m3.

  • A few cameras from Morgunbladid were buried in the lava and some comments on social media estimate about 40 drones have been destroyed by the volcano. They have taken amazing footage and you can find hours of enjoyment watching these videos.

  • The work continues to reroute the lava flow by building huge dirt embankments. However, the lava continues to flow towards the south coast where roads and an important fiber optic line are located.

  • Some Sulfer Dioxide pollution is detected in south Iceland. The Emergency Management teams are vigilant about safety.

  • The Timeline of Historical Events is a great way to learn more about the historical volcanic events in the history of Iceland. You can find more important history in this feature of the IR Database (All-Access Members Only Site) and how it relates to your ancestors and their lives.

Here is a new short video on the Fagradalsfjall Volcano but there are many more online. You can see Lava Geysir, Lava River, Lava Waterfall, and a Lava Lake which they say is flowing through underground channels.

If you plan on traveling to Iceland, the most up-to-date travel information is found here: Covid-19 Travel Information.

Fitness Challenge 2021 Registration is open! Anyone can join. Young, old, neighbors, friends, and family. Start forming your team to trek around Iceland. As you progress around the route, virtual postcards will be emailed to you at various points of interest with information about people, places, or events that occurred nearby. Learn More and Register.


We have a lot of information about Icelandic Genealogy, History, and more on our sites. Here are two of our newer presentations but many more can be found on our YouTube and Vimeo Channels.

Cathy Josephson's presentation: ‘Sails, Rails, Rivers and Trails – The Journey West.’ Here in English: Here in Icelandic:

Elín Swenson´s presentation, ‘The Courage of Icelandic Midwives’

More information, photos, obituaries, documents, histories, cemeteries, interactive maps, emigration plus much more is available to All-Access Members of IR.

Poets on Podcast A new Podcast is ready: Bill Holm – Icelandic-American Poet and Essayist.

The team also did a podcast on K. N. Julius, so check both out on the Icelandic Roots Podcast.

Upcoming All-Access Member Only Events

  • Children and the Sagas with Bryndis - this seminar will discuss three of the most famous children in the Icelandic Sagas. Bryndís is an educator, author, translator, great-grandmother, and more who enjoys teaching others about the people in the Icelandic Sagas. All-Access Members will receive the Zoom link on Monday, May 24th for the Tuesday seminar.

  • Samtal Hour - A conversation with Judy on a variety of Icelandic topics. We meet every other Monday. All Access Members receive the Zoom link on the day before the Samtal.

  • Tuesday Tips - Meet with an IR Genealogist, IT Expert, or IR Volunteer who will share a Webinar, Seminar, or host a question and answer session. All Access Members will receive the Zoom link on the day before the event.

  • New Member Training by Dave, the IT Director, and Cathy, the Membership Director - this is an important seminar to help you discover all the "Hidden in plain sight" features of the IR Community and Database.

There is so much more on our website and social media channels. Some are free to the public and some are for members only. Whether you are interested in volcanoes, poets, genealogy, fitness, or a variety of other topics, we have something for everyone. Come and join the fun!


Email us your questions or join the conversation on our Facebook Group.

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