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Hofsós Emigration Center and Icelandic Roots Announce Strategic Collaboration

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Hofsós and Icelandic Roots (I.R.) are teaming up to integrate genealogy services through an interactive online experience. This new partnership at Hofsós moves access to genealogical information to a new level. Hofsós visitors can now access their Icelandic genealogy online with a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Additionally, the I.R. genealogy team is accessible remotely nearly every day of the year, giving Hofsós visitors a richer experience by learning about their ancestry while there.

When people become Icelandic Roots members at Hofsós, 10% of the membership fee will be donated to Hofsós. Donations and membership fees sustain both Hofsós and I.R.

January 3, 2017 - Sunna and Valgeir

Joining forces with Hofsós will enhance a traveler’s experience to Iceland and open doors to their Icelandic ancestry while in the country and particularly at Hofsós. This increases value to Hofsós, the people of Iceland, the people of Icelandic communities across North America, and Icelandic Roots. And it moves us closer to one on-line platform where everyone can access accurate and detailed genealogy and history about Icelanders who emigrated – their ancestors and descendants.

About Hofsós Emigration Center – Vesturfarasetrið

The Hofsós Emigration Center is an important and popular cultural and heritage destination in northern Iceland. Founded in 1996, Hofsós commemorates the Icelandic emigrants and promotes connections between their descendants across the globe and the people of Iceland today. The Center hosts exceptional exhibits, a library facility, genealogy information, history, guided tours, assists with room and home rentals, and souvenirs, all set on the harbor in beautiful Skagafjörður.

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