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Legacy: A Tribute to Steve Guttormsson

Yesterday we received the sad news that Dr. Steve / Stefan Paul Guttormsson had passed away after trouble with his heart. Our deepest sympathies to Rosemary and the entire family.

Dr Steve Guttormsson Saga Markere

Family, friends, and all who knew him will miss his smile, laughter, and his big heart. I will miss the frequent Facetime calls to discuss Icelandic events, projects, Icelandic Roots genealogy, East Iceland Emigration Center, Saga sites and more in the Vopnafjörður area, and especially the Snorri Program and the scholarships that his Guttormsson Foundation and Icelandic Roots coordinate to help as many of these young people as possible.

The first weekend in May, we had our 98th Annual Icelandic National League of North America convention in North Dakota. Steve was one of the first people that volunteered to help. He used his time and talents at the convention all day Friday at the Hallson Church. He and Rosemary also had a booth with their many wonderful treasures as a vendor on Saturday. So many people commented about how "happy" he was at the Hallson Church while telling stories about his ancestors and the church.

Here he is ringing the bell Friday, May 5th, in the Hallson Lutheran Church.

There is so much more to say about how proud he was to be Icelandic, being an Afi, teaching people about Bóndadagur, helping the young people of Vopnafjörður, and all kids on the Snorri Program plus much much more. He will be greatly missed by his Icelandic family and friends.

Thanks again, Steve. I am personally going to miss you so very much.

Our deepest condolences to Rosemary and all the family from Icelandic Roots, the INLNA, the Snorri Program, the ICA, the convention attendees, and all in our Icelandic Communities who were touched by Steve.

Steve's father, Reverend Stefan Guttormsson, was the minister in Pembina County and then the Bishop Emeritus in the Evangelical Church in America. His grandfather, Reverend Guttormur Guttormsson, was a pastor and emigrated from Krossavik in 1893 from Vopnafjarðarsýsla. His 2nd great-grandfather was Jóhann Pétur Hallsson who was the minister and the leader of the Hallson, North Dakota area. He built this church pictured below, the Hallson Church.

Dear Steve, Thanks again for a wonderful weekend in North Dakota. Thanks for all the great stories and smiles you shared with everyone at the convention!

Góða nótt.

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