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2020 Virtual Nordic Genealogy Conference

If you have Icelandic, Scandinavian, or Nordic ancestors, check out the genealogy conference from The National Nordic Museum in Seattle, Washington. They are hosting a mixture of live and on-demand lectures and workshops. Everyone is invited to attend.

Icelandic Roots will be one of the conference sessions offered to all three tiers. Doug Hanson and I put together a video, "Icelandic Roots: Genealogy, History, Ancestors, Cousins, and More."

Registration is now open for September 26th and September 27th and with your purchase, you can watch the sessions anytime for one year until September 26. 2021.

The Icelandic Roots team will be starting the seminars and educational sessions on October 1st. All subscribing members to the Icelandic Roots Database will have access to online webinars and meetings to discuss and learn about a variety of topics from genealogy, history, geography, emigration, maps, and utilizing the various powerful features of the Icelandic Roots Database.

Become a member of Icelandic Roots and discover your story!


Email us your questions or join the conversation on our Facebook Group.

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