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Cataloging the Icelandic Roots Library

by Angela Beaton, IR Librarian: This is a quick update on the Icelandic Roots Library

Hello! My name is Angela Beaton and I have had the privilege this year of helping to catalog the extensive library of the Icelandic Roots collection. I just started to work for Icelandic Roots and chose a new library app called LibraryThing. In a short time, I have added over 2000 titles to the app - about one-third of the titles in the IR Library.

In 2018, Þórdís Edda Guðjónsdóttir did wonderful work to catalog the collection donated to Icelandic Roots by George Hanson into an Excel file. Read more at Lifelong Love of Books an article about 38 boxes of books from George in 2017.

Read another article and learn more about the 2018 Summer Internship by Edda.

I have implemented a new app called LibraryThing. Individuals or organizations can keep track of the books in their collections. Using this app will help IR staff to keep track of what books the library already has, see where there might be gaps in the collection, and evaluate the need for new donations. It will also help track where each book is located, what language it is in, and by whom it was donated.

As the library continues to grow, new titles can be added easily. As a book lover, I have so enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at the amazing collection of Iceland-related books. I'm excited to continue working on this project and incorporating titles into LibraryThing.

Icelandic Roots is a nonprofit, charitable organization based in North Dakota and Minnesota. We accept books to our library as donations. They can be in any language but must have a focus on Iceland, Icelandic people living across the world, and Icelandic topics. Our collections contain all genres including a large collection of genealogy books from Iceland and the North American Icelandic communities. To visit the library, please send us an email to set up an appointment.




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