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Cue up the Icelandic Roots Podcast

Three 2022 Snorri Experience participants have joined forces to produce upcoming Icelandic Roots podcasts and have already released their first two productions. They are Owen Roberts, Cass Heigaard, and Jack Plumley. They offered this vision for what they plan for this audio adventure:

"We will showcase Icelandic heritage and culture from the past and present through topics like history, folklore, language, food, literature, and music. We’ll also shine a light on notable Icelanders throughout history and talk to some interesting people along the way. This year we are focusing on emigration and migration. As recent Snorri program participants, we have been immersed in our own families’ emigration stories, and we are eager to hear and help tell others’ stories."

Here is a brief look at the Icelandic Roots Podcast Team:

Owen Roberts:

Owen Roberts
Owen Roberts

Coming from Gimli, Owen has a deep connection to New Iceland which was a rich part of his upbringing. His mother Julianna runs the New Iceland Heritage Museum, so his connection continues to grow stronger, as does his grasp of the Icelandic language. As a participant in the 2022 Snorri Program, Owen became inspired to share so many amazing aspects of Icelandic history and culture. He is spearheading the Icelandic Roots Podcast along with Cass Heigaard and Jack Plumley. Comparing and contrasting the differences between Gimli (New Iceland) and Iceland.

In the spring of 2023, Owen will graduate from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Supply Chain Management and Marketing.

Cass Laufey Heigaard:

Cass Heigaard
Cass Heigaard

Cass Heigaard was raised in Northeast North Dakota, close to her many Icelandic relatives from Garder and Mountain, North Dakota. Growing up surrounded by Icelandic aunts, uncles, and cousins, Cass’s love of her heritage was strengthened by stories, traditions, and, of course, Icelandic food and delicacies. As a participant in the 2022 Snorri Program, Cass found an even deeper connection to her Icelandic heritage through… Icelandic ice cream. She started the Instagram account “Land of Fire and Ice Cream,” where she chronicled her journey with her Icelandic family and fellow Snorri’s through Iceland one ice cream scoop at a time. You can check it out at @landoffireandicecream on Instagram.

Cass is currently living and working in Saint Paul, Minnesota as an elementary school social worker. She is excited to be reunited with her Snorri cousins, Owen Roberts and Jack Plumley, to continue the Icelandic Roots podcast.

John (Jack) Plumley

Jack Plumley
Jack Plumley

Jack Plumley is a self-educated learner working in education at the Calgary Zoo and resides in Calgary. He is a creative individual who enjoys writing, making videos, and doing podcasts. Jack's passion for storytelling stems from his heritage as a third-generation Icelandic Canadian on his maternal side. His family emigrated to Saskatchewan, and his Icelandic heritage is on his mom's side.

As a participant in the Snorri program, Jack's time in Iceland was a transformational experience that allowed him to learn more about his ancestors and connect with the culture. His journey to Iceland has fueled his eagerness and excitement to continue exploring and expanding his knowledge of his Icelandic heritage. There is still much for Jack to discover and experience from the land of his ancestors.

The team has already produced three podcasts. They are available on our Podcast Page.


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