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Icelandic Roots Celebrates 9 Years!

Happy 9th Anniversary to Icelandic Roots! Here is a short 2-minute video or you can read the text below.

Happy 9th Anniversary to Icelandic Roots! Thanks to members and volunteers over the years. We became an official nonprofit, charitable organization on November 12, 2013.

Whether you want to enjoy educational sessions, discover your family history, join an Icelandic online book club, find long-lost cousins or meet new friends, Icelandic Roots is an amazing community to be part of.

The Genealogy Database is expanding daily with much more than access to a name and a date genealogical records: it’s a gateway to tonnes of interesting information, intriguing stories, in-depth research, interactive maps, photos, documents, letters, and invaluable connections.

Members receive access to the growing database but also are invited to exclusive online events and special resources provided by experts in various topics.

Being part of Icelandic Roots is a great way to help future generations discover and strengthen their Icelandic heritage.

Memberships and donations also support grants and scholarships such as the Snorri Program and Icelandic Language studies as well as heritage grants for preservation and educational initiatives.

Our talented and dedicated volunteers live in Canada, Iceland, the United States, and Australia. By joining together, we have accomplished so much and will continue to do so. We bring to you a diverse and interesting place to “Be Icelandic.”

Go to the website to learn about all the new features and benefits for members plus you can learn about free public opportunities, too.

A special thanks to our amazing volunteers and supporting members. If you are not a member yet = Come and join us! Best wishes to all as we celebrate! Happy 9th Anniversary, Icelandic Roots!


Email us your questions or join the conversation on our Facebook Group.

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