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In 2010, I went to Iceland twice. Earlier in the year, I was given an amazing gift by my husband and kids — an upphlutur (Icelandic National Costume). You can read about the trip and my costume here.

The first trip was very quick – a visit with several good friends including expert genealogist – Hálfdan Helgason, President of the INL of Iceland Almar and his wonderful wife- Anna Björk, and the costume expert – Oddný. We toured the Golden Circle and visited the Blue Lagoon before we were off to Ireland.

The second trip was a grand adventure with a wedding, my first Icelandic National League of Iceland convention, visiting with some new friends and family members, the Skrapatungurétt, and much more. My itinerary is below and read about the Great Horse Roundup Adventure, too.

2010 - SkrapResting
2010 - Skrap3Hestur
2010 - SkrapMountain-Shadow
2010 - SkrapJarlPam
2010 - Skrap

Iceland September 2010 Itinerary


8 Wednesday – Travel day


9 Thursday – Arrive in Iceland at 0630.


10 Friday – Tour of Eyrrabakki, Golden Circle, and Glacier


11 Saturday –

  • 1000 – descendants of Hallgrímur Ólafsson will be at our flat in Garðabær

  • 1630 – wedding of Heimir and Kolla


12 Sunday –

  • Visiting Day


13 Monday –

  • Meetings with people in the morning and for lunch

  • 1700 – 1845 Reykjavík Boys Choir sing at Hallgrímskirkja

  • Dinner with Erla and Hálfdan


14 Tuesday – Go to Culture House. Make sure that DVD plays in the player. Shopping. Visiting.


15 Wednesday –

  • meet with Guðný and Jóhann after lunch through the evening.


16 Thursday –

  • Pick up dress from Oddný and Hildur

  • 1830 dinner with Gail Einarson McCleery in Reykjavik.


17 Friday –

  • INL Convention 3 p.m. – 9 p.m. at the Culture House in Reykjavík Þjóðmenningarhúsið, Hverfisgata 15, Reykjavík.

  • Give keynote speech, ‚‘‘Come to North Dakota.‘‘ It is a presentation about the North Dakota Icelanders and inviting everyone to come to North Dakota.

  • Reception at Almar and Anna Björk´s home after convention

  • Leave Reykjavík and drive to Blönduós. Stay at Hotel Blönduós tonight


18 Saturday –

  • Skrapatungarétt at Blóndúos with Sigga and her daughter and son-in-law. Need to be at meeting spot at 8 a.m. You can read about my Horse Round-up Adventure HERE

  • Stay Saturday night with Sigga at Hjallalandi


19 Sunday –

  • Visiting. Leave Blónduós and drive to Akureyri

  • Dinner with cousins and Stay at Hotel Kea in Akureyri


20 Monday –

  • Meet with Brýnjólfur and family in Akureyri for day – travel around that area visiting the highlights such as Góðafoss, Mývatn, Húsavík, and more.

  • Drive back to Hofsós stay in Hofsós this night and Tuesday night at Almar and Anna Björks.

  • visit farmsteads around Hólar. Kjarvalstöðum, Auðófsstöðum at Víklidal, Breiðstöðum, Hringveri í Hjaltadal.


21 Tuesday – Hofsós overnight with dinner with Valgeir and Gunna.


22 Wednesday – Leave Iceland

  • Flight leaves Keflavík at 1635 and arrives in MSP at 1755.


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