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Terms of Service, and Limited Use Policy


(Revision 4 – Effective 23 January 2024)

Welcome to Icelandic Roots!

The volunteers at Icelandic Roots want our subscribers to explore their Icelandic heritage and enjoy their online experience. Because thousands of hours have been devoted to developing and improving our genealogy and history resources, we want to protect them for current and future
generations. To do so requires some reasonable requirements on our part and yours.

Our Obligations

Icelandic Roots (“we” or “us”) shall:

  • Maintain the Icelandic Roots Database (IRDB) and provide online access only to eligible subscribers who accept the terms of this Agreement. We shall determine eligibility rules based on law, internal policy and the needs of the organization.

  • Protect any personal information collected from subscribers in accordance with our Privacy and Data Protection Policy.

  • Monitor database access to identify potential usage issues.

  • Terminate service and IRDB system access when requested by you at any time for any reason.

  • Terminate (or suspend) service and IRDB system access when the terms of the Agreement are violated, including copying, transferring or publishing IRDB information, or when otherwise determined necessary by us.

  • Inform subscribers of any changes to this Agreement, allowing them to cancel or continue as desired.  IRDB system access will be terminated when requested by a subscriber.

Your Obligations

You, the subscriber, (including immediate family members residing in the same household) shall:

  • Agree not to share login or password information or IRDB system access with any other person or entity, with the exception of immediate family members residing in the same household. You may refer others to contact us about subscriptions, so we can verify access eligibility.

  • Use the IRDB, including viewing, downloading and printing content, only for personal, non-commercial, or educational purposes.

  • Agree not to share, sell or transfer information obtained from the IRDB to any other person or organization.  Furthermore, no information from the IRDB may be posted to any database or website accessible to non-members, such as,, Íslendingabók etc.  This policy allows the following limited exception:

    • Icelandic Roots data may be copied into your personal records or personal genealogy program for a specific set of individuals which is limited to your

      • Great-grandparents and their descendants.

      • Your ancestors up to your emigrating ancestor(s)

    • These individuals are listed in your ‘My Cousins’ menu item.  Information about people not included in this exception are specifically not authorized to be copied, unless you request and are given specific written permission from Icelandic Roots. Permission may be requested via the Icelandic Roots Terms of Service Exception Request Form.

  • Honor the copyright of all documents, files, photos, records and other materials which are made available for viewing in the IRDB. All content found on the site is owned by Icelandic Roots, licensed to us or is within the public domain. 

  • When providing us with genealogical data, photographs, maps or other media:

    • Certify that you are authorized to share such media or that it is in the public domain. 

    • Advise us if you would like attribution.

    • Understand that the information will reside in our database where it may be viewed by our genealogists and other IRDB members.

    • Recognize that there is no compensation for any submissions.

  • Provide accurate subscriber contact information at registration and inform Icelandic Roots of any changes to your contact information, including email address, so that we may provide system access and notice of Agreement changes.

  • Consent to receiving electronic communications, including email, from us.

  • Accept that errors and omissions are common in the genealogy field and although we strive to be as accurate as possible, Icelandic Roots cannot guarantee the accuracy of any particular record. The content on this site is provided “as is” and without warranties of any kind, either express or implied.

  • Agree that links to external websites are not controlled by us, and we are not responsible for their content.

  • Terminate use of the IRDB and contact Icelandic Roots if unable or unwilling to fulfill the requirements of this agreement.

Database Usage

We encourage exploration and use of the IRDB WITHIN the database itself.

IR Volunteers continue to collect information from many diverse sources and are extending and enhancing the IRDB.  Members are encouraged to submit media and information about their families so that it can be shared with their extended relatives and is available for future generations. As the database improves, members are encouraged to explore the database itself and not make personal copies of information as the copies will become out-of-date.

Because we want members to use the database itself, we do not restrict the number of transactions per month nor the number of people that are viewed. We may, however, contact members whose usage is significantly above average in order to confirm that they are following this policy. Members with consistently high usage may have their transaction response reduced in order to give better service to all members.


Genealogy records obtained from the IRDB shall, at a minimum, contain the following attribution statement in the Reference field for that record. Users are also encouraged to include original reference information, if available, to the greatest extent possible.

Icelandic Roots Genealogy Database,


Privacy and Data Protection

All data will be processed and protected in accordance with our Privacy and Data Protection Policy.

Agreement to Terms of Service, Conditions and Jurisdiction

By using the Icelandic Roots Genealogy Database (IRDB) site,, you agree to all of the terms and conditions listed in this document. (“Agreement”). If you disagree with any of the terms or conditions, please do not use the IRDB site. We may change this Agreement at any time and will notify subscribers by email if we do. Your continued use of the site following any changes to this Agreement means that you accept those changes. You can view the most current Agreement at

This site, which is dedicated to Icelandic culture, history and genealogy, is owned and operated by Icelandic Roots, a nonprofit organization that is incorporated in the State of North Dakota, USA. This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of North Dakota. Jurisdiction for any matters related to this site shall be located in Fargo, North Dakota, USA.


For further assistance regarding this policy or privacy matters you may contact us at:

For further assistance or information regarding our site, you may contact Icelandic Roots at the following email address:

Revision History

04 June 2018 – Original

06 August 2018 – Revision 1

15 July 2020 – Revision 2

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