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IT & TNG Director


Board Member


Dave Jonasson


Colorado, USA

Dave Jonasson’s journey with genealogy began soon after his retirement in 2013. After he entered his family's historical information into, George Freeman introduced him to the Icelandic Roots database.

After receiving a great deal of data gathering and interpretation assistance from Sunna Furstenau and Doreen Kristjanson Marston, Dave offered to help with the Icelandic Roots database website. His Computer Science degree and 35 years of experience in IT management made him uniquely qualified for the job. He has made a number of changes to the database site, including writing the timeline and famous ancestor reports, reorganizing the menus, rewriting the relationship calculator and writing the MyCousins transaction.

Dave and his wife Jean relocated from Winnipeg to Denver in 1981, 98 years after his great-grandfather emigrated from Skagafjörður to Hallson, North Dakota. His great-grandfather subsequently moved north to Manitoba ten years later. Dave’s other Icelandic grandparent emigrated to Winnipeg on the last ship to leave Iceland in 1914 before the Great War.

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