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Gay Strandemo


Wisconsin, USA

Gay Strandemo grew up in northern Minnesota and now lives just outside of Madison, Wisconsin. For twelve years she wrote, produced, and directed plays for children based on international folk tales. One of these was based on stories from the Nordic region and included an Icelandic scene. Her research on Iceland was so fascinating that she delved deeper into the subject, incorporating Icelandic customs into family life as well as writing and illustrating the picture book The Yule Boys, which is based on the jólasveinar. Gay has finished illustrating a story written by Bryndís Víglundsdóttir titled Gudrither's Saga, which will be published in 2022.

Gay is a public librarian who schedules and writes grants for adult programming. She loves to read, draw, write, travel, study languages, and dance flamenco.

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